Papubbure "Full-scale ?! Brain Marshmallow"
Oh ...!

At the candy shop "papabubble" from Barcelona, Spain, the third Halloween product "Full-scale ?! Brain Miso Marshmallow" is on sale from October 7th.

This product was sold during the Halloween season last year (2016) and became a hot topic. Due to the great response, we have decided to start order sales this year. This is the third Halloween product following the first " Gummy Ears" and the second "Human Body Lollipop".

Papubbure "Gummy Ears"
Gummies in the ears

Papubbure "Human Body Lollipop"
Human body lollipop

Brain miso marshmallow is a "brain miso" type marshmallow that is finished with gelatin without using eggs and has a chewy texture. It is seasoned with a mixture of fruit puree and dried fruits.

There are five flavors in the lineup, including strawberry, apricot orange, pineapple coconut, peach, and this year's new flavor "pumpkin." It weighs about 670g and costs 5,980 yen (tax included and shipping not included).

The sale period is until October 31st. Order at the store or by email and it will be delivered in 5 days at the earliest. When ordering by e-mail, please specify "brain marshmallow" in the subject and "address", "name", "phone number" and "desired delivery date" in the text to the dedicated e-mail address ( Sending.