Papubbure "The World's Most Delicious Brain Marshmallow"
Can you feel that doctor ...?

From Papubbure, the Halloween product "The World's Most Delicious Brain Marshmallow" is available for pre-order until October 27th. Available at all directly managed stores of Papubbure and official online shops.

A slightly eerie and pop marshmallow in the shape of a "brain". In order to achieve the best texture, the sticky pectin jelly (Babrets) for the brain is hidden in the soft marshmallow, which is a characteristic of pub bure.

Papubbure "The World's Most Delicious Brain Marshmallow"

There are two flavors in the lineup, pink and yellow. Pink is a combination of mixed berry-flavored marshmallows, "milk flavor" that matches the sweetness of berries, and "cranberry flavor" that enhances the berry feeling.

On the other hand, yellow is a passion mango-flavored marshmallow that gently wraps a rich mango with a bewitching passion scent, and has a bubble of "lemon tea flavor" and "passion mango flavor" that go well with each other.

You can enjoy a combination of sensual taste, aroma, and texture that directly hits human instincts. The price is 6,000 yen each (excluding tax).

In addition, a mini size "Brain Miso Marshmallow Mini" is also available for trial use. A product that can be enjoyed by one person while maintaining the shape and deliciousness of the brain. It is also recommended as a Halloween gift.

Papubbure "The World's Most Delicious Brain Marshmallow"

Handling at all directly managed stores. There are two types, "Pink" of mixed berry marshmallow (with milk bubblets) and "Yellow" of passion mango marshmallow (with lemon tea bubblets), and the price is 463 yen (excluding tax).