Village Vanguard Online "Zombie Lollipop"
too scary

"Zombie Lollipop", where zombies shout in candy balls, has landed in Japan. Village Vanguard is available for pre-order online. The price is 529 yen (tax included) per piece. The product will be shipped in early October.

A "too scary lollipop" packed with zombies that scream, shout, and laugh invincibly in a spherical candy. I made the American candy brand "Vintage Confections" that worked on that "planet candy".

"Planet candy" that became a hot topic all over the world
Planet Candy that became a hot topic all over the world

There are 6 types of zombie lollipops, "Powder / Blackberry", "Draugr / Marshmallow", "Walking / Green Apple", "Smile / Guava", "Scream / Cottoncandy", and "Brain / Strawberry". It is packed with zombies with different facial expressions.

Village Vanguard Online "Zombie Lollipop"
Hesitate to put it in your mouth

A lollipop with a pretty impact. There is no doubt that you will become a popular person if you distribute it on Halloween! But when a child sees it, he may cry ...

Village Vanguard Online "Zombie Lollipop"
Even adults are pretty scary