Tyrolean chocolate "Tirol chocolate [Tirol premium]"
A little luxurious Tyrolean chocolate, this year too

From Tyrolean chocolate, a slightly special "Tirol chocolate [Tirol premium]" will appear at convenience stores only this year. It will be released sequentially in the East Japan area from October 16th and in the West Japan area from October 30th. The estimated price is 42 yen (excluding tax).

This product is a "premium" Tyrolean chocolate with a three-month expiration date using Hokkaido cream. Finished with the flavor of cherry brandy. Contains 0.9% alcohol.

Tyrolean premium has been a hot topic in the past as " raw chocolate tailoring ", " premium cheesecake " and " Uji matcha" were sold. If you haven't experienced it yet, this year is definitely for you.