Baigetsudo "Lambdora"
Marriage of ram raisins and azuki beans

"Lamb raisins" sweets that increase in the fall and winter. What you should definitely add to your list is "Lambdora (Lamb Raisin Dorayaki)" sold by Kagoshima's sweets shop Baigetsudo.

Baigetsudo "Lambdora"

This is "Adult Dorayaki", which is made by sandwiching a lot of Dainagon Azuki from Hokkaido and homemade ram raisins in a dorayaki dough using eggs from Kagoshima. Lamb raisins are made from 100% Myers' dark rum. Contains 1% alcohol.

Baigetsudo "Lambdora"
Somewhere retro sticker design is cute

When you open the bag, you will see Ramdora that fits snugly in the plastic cup. You are treated politely.

Baigetsudo "Lambdora"
In the cup

The scent of rum spreads softly the moment you take a bite. Yes, this is delicious ...!

Baigetsudo "Lambdora"
Rum is fragrant from the first bite!

The dough is fine and has a moist and chewy texture rather than being fluffy. Excellent mouthfeel! It melts quickly, and the aroma and subdued sweetness roll on the tongue.

And the elegant sweetness of azuki beans that chase after you, and the mellow scent of rum that overflows as you chew the raisins ...! Azuki and ram raisins are so compatible!

Baigetsudo "Lambdora"
Around raisins and azuki beans

Both the raisins and azuki beans have a grainy texture, and even if the dough and bean paste melt, they remain in the mouth until the end, so even if they are small, they are perfect for eating. There is no sense of satisfaction in terms of both taste and texture.

The price is 324 yen (tax included) per piece. It's a little more expensive than regular dorayaki, but I feel that I'm particular about the ingredients, and I definitely buy this delicious food. Even outside Kagoshima prefecture, you can buy it at mail-order sites and food select shops (I bought it at Food & Time Isetan in Shinagawa, Tokyo), so adults who like ram raisins should definitely try it!