"Lunch Pack (Meat King Menchi-katsu)" is a hearty Yamazaki bread-made menchi-katsu and mayonnaise sandwiched with menchi-katsu.
"Rikuo" fan must-eat

Yamazaki Baking will release a product "Lunch Pack (Meat King Menchi-katsu)" in collaboration with TBS Sunday Theater "Rikuo" on October 10th. Drama broadcast limited time sale. The estimated price is 165 yen (tax included).

This is a packed lunch with plenty of Yamazaki Baking Menchi-katsu and mayonnaise. Compared to the Menchi-katsu used in the conventional packed lunch (Menchi-katsu), the proportion of meat is increased and the thickness is increased by 20%.

The package is designed with the original characters of the packed lunch (Lunch-chan, Pack-kun) wearing the uniforms of the "Daiwa Foods" track and field club and the "Asia Industry" track and field club that appear in the drama. It is a dish that is great for "Rikuo" fans.