Croquembouche Zaku Zaku "Caramel Zaku Zaku"
Autumn-only "caramel" flavor

The autumn limited flavor "Caramel Zaku Zaku" will be released on October 15th at each of the cream puff specialty stores "Crocan Shoe Zaku Zaku". Limited time until November 12th.

Caramel Zaku Zaku is a stick-shaped cream puff "Croquembouche Zaku Zaku" with a "Zaku Zaku" texture that is sprinkled with almond crunch and croquembouche, and is coated with plenty of butter caramel from Hokkaido. Inside is a special custard cream made from grazing milk sent directly from a contract farm in Hokkaido.

You can enjoy the aroma of freshly baked choux pastry, the richness of rich butter caramel and moderate sweetness, and the taste of melty and delicate custard cream in a well-balanced manner.

The price is 290 yen per piece, and you can purchase up to 6 pieces per person. An eating comparison set (2 crunchy + 2 caramel crunchy) is also available for 1,050 yen (both prices include tax).