How to thank the people who took care of me
What would you like to thank you for borrowing something?

Saeko in Nakameguro (hereinafter Saeko) : I think animals are cute, but I don't touch them. Konzaki. The impression is " I want to be a boyfriend if I'm a man ".

Konzaki. : I'm seriously considering moving because I want to keep a cat. The impression of Saeko is " honest and pure, but I don't seem to be interested in this world ."

Two members of the editorial staff

Saeko : You're eating something good, right?

Konzaki. : It's chocolate. When I lent the teaching materials and learning tools I used when I was a student to my juniors, they thanked me. I didn't lend it in the hope of giving it back, but I'm still happy.

Konzaki. The sweets I got from my juniors

Saeko : It makes me happy that you chose it and added it to me ♪

Konzaki. : Then, let's go with that for this topic

■ Thank you for borrowing something
Konzaki. : I'm in my twenties, my hobbies are searching for records and visiting second-hand bookstores, and my favorite actress is Fumi Nikaido. It is a type that contains a little subculture system

Setting of the target who lent me the thing
The most fun when thinking about this

Saeko : (Where does the setting always come from ...)

Konzaki. : The situation setting is rough compared to the previous time, but the game is to select "thank you item to accompany when returning the borrowed item"

Saeko : Is it okay if you borrowed something for a long time or if you bought it yourself?

Konzaki. : Is it like that? Is it okay to set the price at 500 yen, the same as last time?

■ Konzaki. Did choose ...?
Konzaki. : First from me

Saeko : The bowl of "Hanaichikai" is also inside ! cute!

Konzaki. The return chosen by is in the bowl
Konzaki. Select

Konzaki . : I chose a slightly fashionable one. The price is 486 yen including tax. When you pour hot water, it becomes a risotto . It looks pretty

How to eat in a bowl
Put it in a bowl

It looks like risotto with hot water in the bowl
Pour hot water into a risotto

Saeko : Isn't it all right this time?

Konzaki. : Honestly, Miyamoto is my strike

Saeko : I see ...

■ What did Saeko in Nakameguro choose ...?
Saeko : I'm Finnish-born "Honey Butter Potato Chips" ! The price is 486 yen including tax. I bought it at PLAZA ♪

"Honey butter potato chips" selected by Saeko in Nakameguro
Saeko Select

Konzaki. : "Nori salt" not 's or "honey butter" place is It is Mr. Saeco-ish

"Honey Butter Potato Chips" selected by Saeko in Nakameguro

Saeko : I wouldn't buy 500 yen potato chips myself, but wouldn't it be nice to get one?

Konzaki. :surely. "I don't buy it myself, but I'd be happy if I got it." This may be the point

"Honey butter potato chips" selected by Saeko in Nakameguro
I don't buy much 500 yen potato chips myself ...?

Saeko : Isn't it a pretty good match this time?

Immediately, I asked other employees to put stickers on those who liked it. The result is ... "Honey butter potato chips" has 4 votes and "Bowl Monaka" has 3 votes . It was Saeko's victory by a small margin.

The result of the product selection game in return performed by the En-eating editorial staff
Saeko wins by a small margin

Saeko : One point difference, it was dangerous!

Konzaki. : I was wondering if I could go this time

■ Comments from employees
Male employee A : I don't buy 500 yen potato chips myself, so it might be a good idea to talk about.

Male employee B : It looks like it can be used as a snack for sake. I'm glad that it's a flavor that you don't often see at convenience stores and supermarkets.

"Honey butter potato chips" selected by Saeko in Nakameguro
Opinions are divided by flavor

Male employee C : Well, for me, "honey butter" may be subtle. Doesn't it have different likes and dislikes depending on the person? It's hard to imagine the taste

Male employee D : The bag is big . It seems to be luggage

Male employee A : The bowl is cute, but how do you eat it?

Male employee C : That's because the explanation is written on the back! (Laughs) But there are certainly many men who don't know this.

A male employee investigating how to eat a bowl
"Hey, does it become a risotto when you add hot water?"

Male employee D : I might be happy. It looks like you can have a midnight snack, so it's easy and good.

When it comes to potato chips, flavor preferences seem to be quite different. Isn't the bowl a little too fashionable ? Also the opinion.

Female employee E : I wonder if I'm a potato chip. Honey butter can be enjoyed at the same time as sweetness and saltiness, so you won't get tired of eating it.

"Honey butter potato chips" selected by Saeko in Nakameguro
I think women are good

Female employee F : I'm in a bowl! Isn't "tomato and chicken cream risotto" a little fashionable and nice?

Konzaki. Risotto made with "Bowl Monaka" selected by
Female employee "I want to eat risotto in a bowl!"

Female employees G: I Which also happy ..., potato chips bags is too large and a little thanks. Love seems heavy

With that said, the second round was the victory of "Honey Butter Chips" selected by Saeko of Nakameguro. The bowl was also popular, but it seems that it wasn't enough.

Saeko : I was told that love is heavy again ...!

Konzaki . : The image of the first time is completely established.

■ What I learned this time
・ I don't buy it myself, but I'm glad if I get it. ・ Consider the possibility that unusual flavors are bad. ・ The size of the bag is the weight of love (?)

Konzaki. : Maybe a little high-class seasoning was good

Saeko : People who cook for themselves will be happy! Next time, let's put that in as a candidate

"Good return is fulfillment of love" The next theme is "Thank you for the treat" . What would you like to give as a gift when you treat a fashionable boy with a meal? looking forward to.