Ministop "Smooth Purin Parfait"
Appeared this year too!

"Smooth Purin Parfait" will be released on October 6th at each Ministop store. The price is 330 yen (tax included).

This product has been sold every year since 2013. Combining pudding, soft serve vanilla, and caramel sauce, this parfait is the most popular and sold parfait in the fall and winter.

In addition to raw milk, cream, and egg yolk, cream cheese is used as a secret ingredient to bring out the richness of the pudding. It is said that it is finished as "the richest and richest pudding in the last 5 years".

Brandy is used as a secret ingredient in the caramel sauce that connects pudding and soft serve vanilla. Elegant sweetness and mellow fragrance are brought out. It seems that you can enjoy the deliciousness that you will never get tired of until the end.

"Smooth Purin Parfait" at Ministop
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