Tully's Maple Sweet Potato Pie
Autumn cakes and foods for Tully's

At each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores), four types of food, including the new food menu "Maple Sweet Potato Pie," will be released on October 4.

The lineup is as follows. * Price includes tax

Maple sweet potato pie 430 yen A pie dough with apricot sauce that has a moderately sour taste, wrapped in maple scented damand and sweet potatoes. You can enjoy the rich sweetness of sweet potatoes.

Chiffon cake Milk tea 490 yen Tully's chiffon cake featuring a finely textured "fluffy dough". Chiffon dough with black tea is combined with rich sweet whipped cream.

Ball Park Dog Shredded Cheese Tacos Meat 490 yen A seasonal ball park dog inspired by the local dish "Cincinnati Chili" in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Crispy juicy sausages are sandwiched between fragrant rye bread, spicy tacos meat and plenty of shredded cheese. Tacos meat is made with chickpea paste, several kinds of vegetables, and spices to create a timeless taste. Melt with plenty of shredded cheese.

Ballpark Dog Porcini Cream-3 Kinds of Mushrooms-430 yen A rich mushroom sauce that combines 3 kinds of mushrooms, porcini, mushrooms, and eringi, with a cheese sauce containing mascarpone. The rich aroma and taste of mushrooms and the combination of creamy cheese are perfect for autumn and winter.

Tully's new hot dog
A hearty hot dog