Lawson "Osatsu Ball" and "Osatsu Stick"

At each Lawson store (excluding some stores), the sweets "3 satsu balls" and "satsu sticks" cooked in the store will be on sale from October 3rd.

A new product that has joined the furniture next to the cash register where donuts and other items are sold. In both cases, sweet potatoes are used like autumn. I'm glad that it takes a lot of time to finish the cooking in the store.

The sweet potato balls are made from donut dough and wrapped in sweet potato paste made from domestic sweet potatoes. It is fried in the store. The price is 150 yen for 3 pieces (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Osatsu Ball"

The dough is chewy and chewy. On the other hand, the bean paste is soothing and smooth, and the rich sweetness is entwined with the tongue. Accented with black sesame seeds that pop. It has a taste like Daigaku-imo, where the aroma and the sweetness of the potatoes alternate.

Lawson "Osatsu Ball"
Black sesame is doing a good job

Lawson "Osatsu Ball"
Something that looks like the skin of sweet potatoes

The sweet potato stick is a fried domestic sweet potato. The outside is coated with candy. The price is 200 yen.

Lawson "Osatsu Stick"
Let's sell it at a festival stall

A coating that cracks crisply when you make teeth. While spreading the mellow sweetness, we will touch the sweet potatoes with a baton. The contrast of this texture is the best! It is delicious that you can eat as much as you want. Recommended when you want to enjoy a slightly different texture while keeping the original flavor of sweet potatoes.

Lawson "Osatsu Stick"
The candy is glossy

Lawson "Osatsu Stick"
Hook Hoku

In addition, "CoCo Ichibanya Supervised Calipan Spicy Curry" (140 yen) is also available. The taste of pork and the sweetness of sauteed onions are characteristic. You can feel the mellow richness, but the aftertaste is spicy.

Lawson "CoCo Ichibanya Supervision Calipan Spicy Curry"
The dough is crispy and chewy

All have just the right volume of "more than a snack, less than a meal". It seems that you can enjoy it in various scenes.