Lawson Store 100 "Mokomo"

At each Lawson Store 100 store, the new flavor "Mokomo" of the new sensation cream puffs "Mokomo" series will be on sale from October 13th (excluding some stores). The price is 108 yen (tax included) per piece. It was made with a focus on the appearance of sweet potatoes, which makes you feel the arrival of autumn.

Mokomo (sweet potato)

Lawson Store 100 "Mokomo"

A new product of "Mokomo" that uses the autumn taste "Sweet potato" and is finished with the image of sweet potato. It contains plenty of rich cream with the sweet scent of sweet potatoes, which is a mixture of sweet potato paste, custard cream and whipped cream. The slightly sweet and smooth sweet potato cream and the choux pastry with a chewy texture are a perfect match.

"Mokomo" series

The "Mokomo" series is Lawson Store 100 original sweets with plenty of cream in a choux pastry with a thin skin and a firm texture. It also features a cute round shape. Seasonal flavors are developed according to the season.