Starbucks Coffee "Marron Tart"
New menu for Starbucks in October!

New food menus will be available at each Starbucks Coffee store from October 2nd. The lineup includes new works of "Ishigama Philone" using mushrooms and "Marron Tart".

Below are 5 new menu items! I'm not sure which one to eat ...!

● Stone kiln Philone Mushroom & Mozzarella Pork (480 yen, tax not included, same below)

Starbucks Coffee "Stone Kiln Filone Mushroom & Mozzarella Pork"
Firone to fully enjoy the flavor of mushrooms

A sandwich of roast pork, sautéed mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese on filone bread baked in a stone oven. Finished with "Duxelles sauce" using mushrooms and onions. You can enjoy the rich flavor of the sauce with truffles as a secret ingredient.

● Stone kiln Philone bacon & apple mustard (460 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Stone Kiln Filone Bacon & Apple Mustard"
Expressing an American menu to enjoy apples

Filone bread baked in a stone oven sandwiched with bacon, chicken, and almond salad that gives you a good sense of smoke. Finished with apple mustard sauce. You can enjoy the sweet and juicy taste of apples.

● American scone mixed berry & chocolate (270 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "American Scone Mixed Berry & Chocolate"
A perfect balance of bitter chocolate and sweet and sour berries

A scone baked with Starbucks original chocolate cream, sweet and sour raspberry puree, and red currant. When combined with whipped cream, the bitterness of the dough becomes more pronounced and you can enjoy a different taste.

● Raspberry chiffon cake (380 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Raspberry Chiffon Cake"
Add sweet and sour berries to the chewy chiffon

A chiffon cake made by layering whipped cream with raspberry sauce on a moist, chewy dough. It is finished by decorating the top with a sauce mixed with raspberry pulp. The smooth whipped cream and the sweet and sour raspberries go great together.

● Marron tart (440 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Marron Tart"
Luxury marron tart!

A cake made by layering a dough kneaded with sweet chestnut paste on a crispy tart and adding two types of chestnuts. A seasonal dish topped with malon made from large astringent chestnuts.