Pumpkin rare cheese petit shoe
New autumn for kiri sweets

A new product "Pumpkin Rare Cheese Petit Shoe" was released on October 1st from the sweets series "PREMIUM SWEETS WITH KIRI" in collaboration with cream cheese "kiri". The price is 280 yen (excluding tax). Limited to eastern Japan.

This product is a petit cream puff with rare cheese whipped cream that combines pumpkin paste and kiri cream cheese. 22% cream cheese is used for the whipped cream, so you can enjoy a rich and smooth mouthfeel. It will be released in a Halloween limited package.

Pumpkin shoe

At the same time, "Rare Cheese Tart" (160 yen plus tax), which is a renewed tart dough, will be sold in a Halloween-only package.

Rare cheese tart drill

Pumpkin rare cheese tart
Items on sale are also included in the Halloween package!