Seasoning Trading "Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramune"
Ramune with curry scent

Previously, curry was a drink. I introduced a shop called. I couldn't drink the curry here, but the other day I found a curry that I could drink in Yokosuka. It is " Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramune ".

Seasoning Trading "Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramune"
I found it at a souvenir shop

As the name suggests, it is a curry-flavored ramune. Ramune, which is said to reproduce the traditional taste loved by Navy soldiers, is combined with Yokosuka's famous "Yokosuka Navy Curry". I bought it at the Souvenir shop (next to Chateraise) in Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka facing the sea, and it was 183 yen (tax included) with 200 ml.

◆ What is the taste of curry ramune?

A slightly yellow curry ramune. When I asked the cashier to open the stopper and brought my nose close to me, I could smell the curry for a moment.

Seasoning Trading "Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramune"
Slightly yellow

Now, let's drink while looking at the sea.

Seasoning Trading "Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramune"
Shuwashuwa ...

that? Umai. You can drink normally! This is ... a sweet curry!

It has a spicy scent, but when you put it in your mouth, the taste is nostalgic ramune! It's sweet and succulent, and when you swallow it thinking that it's delicious, the spicy curry flavor will come out of your nose again. The smell of this curry and the unexpected sweetness of ramune are not quarreling.

I think it's best to drink it with Navy curry. The spicy scent stirs up your appetite, and it seems that you will eat more and more.

Even if you don't go to Yokosuka, you can buy it at the online shop of Seasoning Shoji, which sells curry ramune, and at Rakuten Ichiba. If you are interested, please take a look at the site.

Seasoning Trading "Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramune"
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