Fujiya "Look Adult Dark (Raw Caramel)"
Use dark chocolate

From Fujiya's long-selling chocolate "Look", the "Adult Dark" series is now available. "Look Adult Dark (Macadamia)" and "Same (Raw Caramel)" will be released on October 10th.

Look Adult Dark (Macadamia) is a bitter cream with crushed roasted macadamia and fiantine (a crepe-like lightly baked dough) wrapped in 55% cacao dark chocolate. You can enjoy the aroma of roasted macadamia and the crunchy texture.

Fujiya "Look Adult Dark (Macadamia)"
Amasa Hikaeme

Look Adult Dark (raw caramel) is made by wrapping raw caramel sale sauce and smooth, rich raw caramel cream in dark chocolate with 55% cacao. You can enjoy the slightly salty taste and the thick texture of raw caramel.

12 macadamia nuts and 6 raw caramel. The estimated price is 162 yen each (tax included).