Doutor Nankare Dock
Nankare Dock

At each Doutor Coffee store (excluding some stores), four items including the new menu "Nan Curry Dock" will be released on October 5th.

A lineup of hot menus that are perfect for cool autumn. The list is as follows. * Price includes tax

・ Nan Curry Dock 340 yen [br /] Menu using the classic Indian curry "Nan". Curry sauce and sausage using more than 15 kinds of spices are sandwiched with chewy naan dough. Cheese topping adds mellowness. You can enjoy the mellow taste and the refreshing spiciness.

・ Wiener coffee hot ice S size 320 yen ~
Doutor Coffee's original whipped cream is topped with crisp bitterness and rich coffee using deep roasted beans. The mellow whipped cream with an elegant sweetness melts in, and you can enjoy a milky and rich taste change.

Doutor Wiener Coffee
Wiener coffee

・ Calzone 6 kinds of cheese and Iberian bacon 340 yen
A hot sandwich that combines 6 types of cheese (Gouda, cheddar, cream cheese, Parmesan, Gruyere, Emmental) and Iberico bacon. You can enjoy the rich taste of cheese and the deep taste of bacon with the umami and saltiness. In addition, topping cheese was added to make it a "cheese lover's irresistible dish".

Doutor Calzone Pizza
Calzone 6 cheeses and Iberian bacon

・ Calzone shrimp and tuna pomodoro sauce 340 yen [br /] Gouda cheese, olives and shrimp are topped with a tasty pomodoro sauce containing tuna, onions, basil and oregano. You can enjoy the taste of seafood and vegetables.

Doutor Calzone Pizza
Calzone shrimp and tuna pomodoro sauce