Haagen-Dazs "Specialty Matcha Opera"
The luxurious taste of matcha

From Haagen-Dazs' "Specialite" series, a limited-time product "Matcha Opera" will be released at convenience stores nationwide on November 21st. The estimated price is 449 yen (tax included).

Specialty is a creative ice cream dessert that uses carefully selected ingredients and is tailored like layers to enjoy a variety of flavors. It seems that you can enjoy "a blissful moment limited to this winter".

Specialty Matcha Opera is an ice cream inspired by the high-class matcha cake "Matcha Opera". The bittersweet and flavorful green tea ice cream with the richness of cocoa butter is combined with fragrant and deep-tasting almond sauce, almond cookies, and mellow blonde chocolate ice cream with a hint of brandy.

Furthermore, the top surface is topped with bittersweet chocolate sauce and gold powder. The moment you open the lid, the gold powder shimmers, and you can enjoy the gorgeous appearance.

In addition, the package is given a "facet cut", which is a jewel cutting method, to create a special feeling. Please try the special Haagen-Dazs that is perfect for the holiday season.