Pablo mini "PABLO mini-sweet potato"

"PABLO mini-Sweet Potato" will be released on October 1st at PABLO mini and PABLO cafe stores specializing in freshly baked cheese tart. The price is 300 yen (tax included).

This is a cheese tart that uses two types of sweet potatoes. The cream of baked "Red Azuma" is squeezed on the tart, and the honey-pickled "Red Haruka" and black sesame are topped.

Roasted sweet potato cream, which allows you to enjoy the original sweetness of sweet potatoes, and cheese tart, which has a moderate acidity, go well together. It's an autumn-like dish with the texture of diced sweet potatoes as an accent.

Pablo mini "PABLO mini-sweet potato"
Dicing toppings

PABLO mini will be offered as a takeaway and cafe menu from October 1st to October 14th and November 1st to November 30th, and PABLO from October 1st to October 14th.