Natural corn sun-dried salt
Salt is doing a good job!

"Salt sweets" have become quite familiar in the sweets world. I found the ice cream "Natural Corn Sunshine Salt" that was particular about the salt at Natural Lawson. The price is 194 yen (tax included).

This is a salt vanilla-flavored ice cream made from Hokkaido milk and completely sun-dried salt from "Shiojiro" in Tano Town, Kochi Prefecture. No extra additives such as stabilizers or emulsifiers are used.

Natural corn sun-dried salt
Unusual package

The fresh flavor of milk spreads from the first bite. Although it is deep, it does not have a thick feeling at all, and the sharpness afterwards is outstanding!

Natural corn sun-dried salt
I want to eat after taking a bath

Salt plays a role in its deliciousness. Shiojiro does not use firepower at all, and it seems that it can be finished only by the heat of the sun, the sea breeze, and the skill of craftsmen. Instead of the salty taste, the mellow taste remains. An unsung hero that brings out the milky flavor.

The uncolored corn has the same milk color as ice cream. With a soft texture, it adds aroma while snuggling up to the smooth melting of ice cream. It's also nice that the ice cream is packed inside.

Natural corn sun-dried salt
It melts in your mouth

I tend to be absorbed in colorful and photogenic sweets, but sometimes I just want to enjoy the taste of the ingredients. It's the perfect ice cream for such occasions.