Il Monjet "Devil's Sauce" Pasta and Ratatouille

Suddenly, what kind of taste do you imagine when you hear "devil's sauce"? Addictive sweetness, burning spiciness, or intense bitterness ...?

This time, I got the "devil's source" that is said to be transmitted from medieval Italy. The price is 850 yen with 180g.

Il Monjet "Devil's Source"
DIAVOLO means "devil"

It is made by the company "Il Monjet" in Piedmont, Italy. Using carefully selected ingredients, it is carefully made according to the traditional recipe of Piedmont and the taste of mamma that is handed down at home.

Ingredients are tomato, tuna, salted anchovies, chili pepper, olive oil, garlic, oregano. No additives are used. So far, it seems that there is no particular devilish element ... I made pasta and ratatouille using this sauce.

Il Monjet "Devil's Source"

Since the sauce contains tuna and anchovies, you don't need to prepare any ingredients, just mix it with boiled pasta. Although it took almost no effort, it was finished as a dish that seems to come out in a famous restaurant. Isn't it a mistake of "angel source" instead of devil anymore?

Il Monjet "Devil's Sauce" and Pasta
This is the only material

The base is sweet tomatoes. There are moderately salty anchovies and garlic. Rather than a distinctive taste, it feels like the taste of each ingredient is carefully summarized. The deep richness and umami will gradually spread.

Il Monjet "Devil's Sauce" Pasta
Absolutely goes with seafood

When you enjoy the rich flavor, the spicy spiciness that suddenly hits your tongue . This edgy spiciness that continues with the sweetness and saltiness of the material seems to be addictive! It's an addictive taste that is captivating when you realize it's simple.

The other dish is stir-fried eggplant, onions, peppers, and basil with this sauce. Boil lightly until the taste is familiar and you're done.

Ratatouille of "Devil's Source"
Maybe you can add a little salt

While the sauce was the main character in the pasta, this is a supporting role that brings out the flavor of the vegetables. The spiciness of the sauce goes well with the sweetness of the cooked vegetables. The last thing that goes through your nose is the refreshing scent of basil. I enjoyed the deep taste as if it was slowly simmered.

Ratatouille from Il Monjet "Devil's Sauce"
Satisfied thanks to anchovies and tuna

There is no strong stimulus, and surprisingly (?) "Devil's sauce" that you can eat with a calm feeling. However, the deliciousness that cannot be stopped after eating a bite may be devilish in a sense.