Ameya Eitaro "Tea Lip"
Even if you top it with scones or pancakes

The seasonal product "Tea Lip" was released on September 20th from the "Sweet Lip" series of the candy specialty store brand Ameya Eitarou.

The sweet lip series is Mitsuame, which is tailored like a gloss lip. Based on aruheito, it is combined with concentrated fruit juice and rose extract to create a natural and beautiful candy color. It also features a fragrant scent created by boiling at high temperature.

The tea lip that appeared this time is a black tea flavored candy that luxuriously uses the Scandinavian black tea "Tea Center Blend", which is a purveyor to the Swedish royal family. By carefully extracting plenty of tea leaves until just before the astringency and harshness appear, it is said that it will be finished in the "most delicious state" with a high fragrance.

Ameya Eitaro "Tea Lip" Tea Center Blend Straight
"Tea Lip" Tea Center Blend Straight

There are 3 flavors. "Tea Center Blend Straight" where you can enjoy straight tea and aruheito mariage, "Tea Center Blend Apple" with apple juice, and "Tea Center Blend Aziron" which is a blend of grape "Aziron" with a fresh berry scent. ..

You can eat it as it is, or you can enjoy it with hot desserts such as scones and pancakes.

Ameya Eitaro "Tea Lip" Tea Center Blend Apple
Tea Center Blend Apple

Ameya Eitaro "Tea Lip" Tea Center Blend Aziron
Tea Center Blend Aziron

The price is 702 yen each (tax included). A boxed set of 3 bottles of each flavor is also available for 2,646 yen (tax included).

Ameya Eitaro "Tea Lip"
The package is cute as usual!

Available stores are Ameya Eitaro Isetan Shinjuku store, Ginza Mitsukoshi store, and official online shop.