"Double Cone / Double Cup 31% OFF Campaign" with Thirty One Ice Cream
"Double" is also advantageous for consecutive holidays!

The "Double Cone Double Cup 31% OFF Campaign" will be held from September 16th to 24th at each Thirty One Ice Cream store (excluding some stores). 31% off no matter how many "double" you buy!

The "31% OFF Campaign", which is always held on the 31st and has been well received, will be held for 9 days this time. Thirty One's "Double Cone" and "Double Cup" are offered at a 31% off price.

For example, 470 yen for a small double is 324 yen, and 660 yen for a regular double is 455 yen (both are reference prices and tax included). You can purchase as many as you like. You can also take home only the cup.

Please come visit us during the Golden Week holidays and on your way home from work or school!