Coca-Cola Bottler Japan "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus"
Coke and coffee united

Japan's first "Coffee taste" "Coca-Cola" is now available. "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus" was released on September 11th only for vending machines in the Kanto, Tokai, and South Tohoku areas. Comes in a 190ml (6.42us fl oz) can, the estimated price is 120 yen (excluding tax).

This is a refreshing carbonated drink that uses "Coffee Extract Powder" to add the flavor of coffee to Coca-Cola. The caffeine content per 100 ml is 1.5 times higher than usual.

Coffee-flavored cola ... I was curious, so I drank it!

Coca-Cola Bottler Japan "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus"
As expected

When you bring it to your mouth, it mixes with the sweet scent of cola and is fluffy ... and the scent of coffee!

Coca-Cola Bottler Japan "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus"
Maybe because both cola and coffee are black

Coca-Cola Bottler Japan "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus"
Carbonated bubbles can be seen as coffee crema

However, considering the strength of the taste of cola, the coffee flavor is not so noticeable. When I drank while thinking, I felt the existence of coffee firmly unexpectedly.

The savory taste (scent?) Of roasted coffee remains in the mouth while maintaining the squishy feeling of carbonic acid and the sweetness of cola. I feel a little bitter ...? After drinking, it's like having a little iced coffee in your mouth.

Coca-Cola Bottler Japan "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus"
Like iced coffee with gum syrup

What was surprising was that the taste of cola and coffee was not fighting. Both are exquisitely familiar. The mouth is cola and the aftertaste is (slightly) iced coffee.

Recommended when you want to wake up refreshingly and crisply. By all means before work in the morning or after lunch time in the afternoon.

Coca-Cola Bottler Japan "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus"
Pick it up when you commute or between work