"Coca-Cola Slim Bottle NiziU Design" 250ml drink size

The Coca-Cola Slim Bottle NiziU Design, which is a collaboration with the popular girl group NiziU, will be released on August 2nd. It is a 250 ml slim bottle can, and the price is 186 yen (excluding tax).

Coca-Cola Slim Bottle NiziU Design

The "Coca-Cola" slim bottle is a stylish premium bottle that inherits the shape of the Contour bottle (glass bottle), which is also a symbol of "Coca-Cola". With a 250ml (8.45us fl oz) drink size, you can enjoy "Coca-Cola" with the feel of a chilled aluminum material.

"Coca-Cola Slim Bottle NiziU Design" featuring the popular girl group NiziU is a bottle of MAKO / MIIHI / AYAKA, a bottle of MAYA / RIKU / RIMA, and a bottle of MAYUKA / NINA / RIO. , A total of 3 types will be deployed.

"Coca-Cola Slim Bottle NiziU Design" is a must-see for NiziU fans. Why don't you collect them aiming for completeness?