Bamiyan's "Phantom menu" "Hitsumabushi Style Fried Rice
Bamiyan revives a "phantom menu item" that never existed!

Bamiyan "Hitsumabushi Style Fried Rice

A "phantom menu item that has been rejected" is back on the menu at Bamiyan Chinese restaurants. The menu item was created as part of a project in the TV program "Hiroyuki Ariyoshi's Dare Toku! (Fuji Television Network), will be available for a limited time and in limited quantities starting September 13. The price is 949 yen (excluding tax).

Bamiyan creates hundreds of menu prototypes each year, and only a handful of them become a reality. This time, "Hitsu-mabushi-style fried rice," which was selected in the program from among the five items that were rejected in the menu planning stage, will be sold (except for some stores).

Bamiyan's "Phantom menu" "Hitsumabushi Style Fried Rice
The chopsticks never stop!"

This menu item consists of fried rice topped with grilled eel that has been slowly dipped in sauce. It is served on a seiro. The reason for its forfeiture was that "serving fried rice on a seiro would make it less parapet-like, and the rich eel tends to be a persistent companion to the rich eel.

However, in the program, the rice's chunky texture and the unagi's fluffy softness, which have never been seen in Bamiyan's fried rice before, were well received. The aroma of the eel can be enjoyed by sealing the rice in the rice casserole, and when combined with the accompanying ginger and chicken broth, the dish was highly praised for its "unprecedented taste" and "I can't stop eating".

The menu developer's favorite way to enjoy the dish is as follows: "1, eat the eel and fried rice together," "2, add ginger if you like," and "3, add chicken broth to finish off the dish and shovel it into your mouth. Try it.

Bamiyan's "Phantom menu" "Hitsumabushi Style Fried Rice
With assorted ginger and

Bamiyan's "Phantom menu" "Hitsumabushi Style Fried Rice
Chinese soup