Bamiyan "BAR Miyan"

At each Bamiyan store, the alcohol menu has been expanded from October 7th under the name of "BAR Miyan". In addition, there is a new lineup of menus that can be used as alcoholic drinks and side dishes.

BAR Miyan

"Shaoxing wine" and "umeshu" that are particular about raw materials and manufacturing process are offered from 164 yen (tax included, the same applies below). Alcohol unique to Bamiyan such as "Chinese herb highball" and "Bamiyan highball" has also appeared.

In addition, there will be a "Drink Buffet de Sour" where you can divide shochu and whiskey with your favorite drink and customize it, and a "Happy Hour" where you can order draft beer and lemon sour for 220 yen only from 14:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.

Alcohol, mala peanuts, and one item to choose from are also on sale for 757 yen as a "evening drink set". In addition, the dim sum that is perfect for snacks has been renewed to be more juicy. A new menu of noodles and rice that can be used as a 〆 is also offered.

Below are some of the recommended menu lineups.

Shaoxing wine glass (straight rock)

Bamiyan "Shaoxing wine glass (straight rock)"

As for glutinous rice, which is the raw material, only passed products are used by the inspection agency. The 5-year-old product, which has been aged using traditional handmade techniques, has a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. The price is 164 yen.

Kishu Nanko Ume brown sugar plum wine glass (straight rock)

Bamiyan "Kishu Nanko Ume Brown Sugar Umeshu Glass (Straight Rock)"

A sweet and rich plum wine that uses carefully selected brown sugar and 100% Nanko plums from Kishu. The price is 164 yen.

Evening drink set

Bamiyan "Evening Drink Set"

A set of "Mala Peanuts", which is a cup of Kirin Ichiban Shibori Beer (medium mug) or highball, which is seasoned with peanuts, and one item from a small plate. The price is 757 yen. Happy hour price 647 yen.

Meat dumplings [5 pieces]

Bamiyan "Meat Shumai [5]"

With the addition of boston butt and shiitake mushrooms, the size and umami have been enhanced. The price is 299 yen.

Xiaolongbao [3 pieces]

Bamiyan "Xiaolongbao [3 pieces]"

The soup with plenty of gravy overflows. The price is 329 yen.

Shrimp squid scallop oil sardine sauce

Bamiyan "Shrimp squid scallop oil sardine sauce"

By frying with colorful vegetables such as tomatoes at high temperature, the deliciousness of three kinds of seafood is brought out. The price is 598 yen.

Plenty of green vegetables rich ramen

Bamiyan "Plenty of green vegetables rich ramen"

A cup of the ultimate soup that brings out the flavor of clams, along with plenty of greens. The price is 879 yen.