Ministop "Luxury potato ice cream"
Hokuhoku potato sweets

At each Ministop store, sweets using the popular autumn taste ingredient "Anno potato" will be released sequentially from September 12th. * Release date and time vary depending on the product and store

"Luxury potato ice cream" is the fourth in the "Luxury ice cream" series. "Kouharu", which is honey-pickled with the skin, is topped on ice cream that is kneaded with "Anno potato" paste that contains plenty of golden honey. The fragrant black roasted sesame seeds studded with accents enhance the sweetness of the two sweet potatoes, making it a delicious dish that you will want to eat again and again. The price is 298 yen (tax included, same below). Released on September 19th.

Ministop "Luxury potato ice cream"

"Anno Imo Mont Blanc" is a limited-time Mont Blanc made from Anno Imo. Anno potato cream is squeezed on the Anno potato dough, and honeyed diced apples are topped. The price is 320 yen.

Ministop "Anno Imo Monburan"
Plenty of cream

"Anno Imo Purin" is a smooth pudding made from Anno Imo. Tanegashima sweet potato (Anno potato) Red potato cream is squeezed on the pudding using "Mitsuhime". The price is 240 yen.

Ministop "Anno Imopurin"
Autumn purin

"Anno Imo Yokan" is a cup-type "eat with a spoon" Imo Yokan. Tanegashima sweet potato "Mitsuhime" is used, and you can enjoy the original flavor of the potato. The price is 240 yen. Released on September 19th.

Ministop "Anno Imo Yokan"
Enjoy with a spoon