Ministop "Maritozzo-style Dorayaki Bean Paste & Cheese Whipped Cream"

At Ministop, "Maritozzo-style Dorayaki Tsubuan & Cheese Whip", which is an arrangement of Dorayaki in Maritozzo style, will be on sale.

Maritozzo-style dorayaki bean paste and cheese whipped cream

"Maritozzo-style Dorayaki Tsubuan & Cheese Whipped Cream" is the first product to be released under the new concept of "Glittering, heart-throbbing. Discerning trend sweets". Dorayaki is arranged in the style of the popular sweets Maritozzo. Gently sandwich the rich cheese whipped cream and red bean paste with a chewy dorayaki dough.

Ministop "Maritozzo-style Dorayaki Bean Paste & Cheese Whipped Cream"

Sold from November 23rd. The price is 253 yen (tax included).

Sweets Carat

Sweets Carat is a name that combines "carat", which is reminiscent of jewels, with "sweets", likening the feeling of excitement of encountering trendy sweets to the feeling of happiness when you pick up a jewel that shines brilliantly. Incorporating the latest trends, we are particular about raw materials and combinations of materials, pursuing newness and satisfaction. We aim to create sweets that give you a little happiness and excitement every day, which will impress you with the encounter and deliciousness.