Miso Bread" at Frian Pan Confectionery Shop
Bread and miso go so well together.

Yaki Manju" is a local dish of Gunma. The dough is coated with a rich miso sauce, and it's delicious! Have you ever had it?

The other day, I had an uncontrollable craving for yaki manju, so I went to Gunma-chan-ke, an antenna store in Gunma, and found a product called "Miso Pan," which is also made with miso. I tried this local bread that blends Japanese and Western flavors.

Miso Bread" at Frian Pan Confectionery Shop
local specialty of Jozu

Miso Bun" at Hurian Pan Confectionary Shop

Miso Bun" from Frian Pan Confectionary in Numata City, Gunma Prefecture. Miso paste is spread between the special soft French bread. The price is 150 yen.

Miso Bread" at Frian Pan Confectionery Shop
miso from head to toe

The special soft French pastry is crispy and chewy. The more you bite into it, the richer the wheat flavor spreads. The bread alone is of high quality, with the original sweetness of wheat.

Miso Bread" at Frian Pan Confectionery Shop
Texture is somewhere between French bread and cobbler bread.

Linked to the sweetness of the wheat is the sweet soybean paste. The savory and rich miso flavor fills the mouth. The rich flavor goes perfectly with the simplicity of the bread! The balance of sweet and salty flavors is the strongest, making it an addictive delicacy.

The lineup also includes "French Miso Butter" coated with margarine. The price is 165 yen.

French Miso Butter" at Frian Pan Confectionery Shop
Absolutely delicious.

It is delicious as is, but warming it up is recommended. The luxurious sensation of having the bread soaked in the melted margarine is just amazing! The mild richness of the margarine and the sweetness of the soy sauce combine to create a blissful taste in your mouth. I was so absorbed in it that I was like a child.

French Miso Butter" at Frian Pan Confectionery Shop
unique or superb article

The size is about the same as an iPhone 7, just the right volume for a snack. If I were a student in the prime of my eating days, I would have eaten 5 pieces on my way home from club activities with room to spare. Of course, they are also good as a staple for meals.

In addition to stores in Numata City, it can also be purchased from the store's official website. Miso bread, a specialty of Jyoshu, is a must-try!