Lawson "Dense Mushi Cake Lemon" and "Whipped Salt Anpan".

Dark Mushi Cake Lemon" and "Whipped Salt Anpan" will be available at Lawson stores in Kanto Koshinetsu (Tokyo, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Ibaraki, Chiba, Kanagawa, Nagano, Yamanashi and Niigata prefectures) from July 26.

The products will be sold in conjunction with the 46th National High School Comprehensive Culture Festival (Tokyo Sohbun 2022)*, which will be held in Tokyo for the first time from July 31. The bakery uses lemon and salt produced in East Kyoto. The product package design was conceived by high school students in Tokyo who are involved in the operation of the festival.

The National High School Cultural Festival is called the "Inter-High School of Culture" and is the largest cultural festival for high school students, where high school students engaged in artistic and cultural activities showcase the results of their daily activities.

Dark Mushi Cake with Lemon (made with Hachijojima Meyer Lemons)

Lawson "Dark Mushi Cake Lemon".

This steamed bread has puree of Hachijojima Meyer lemon, produced in Hachijojima, Tokyo, with its refreshing sourness, sweetness and mellow aroma, kneaded into the dough. Priced at 138 yen (tax included).

Whipped Salt Anpan (with salt from Izu Oshima)

LAWSON "Whipped Salt Anpan

Grain bean paste with salt made from 100% seawater from Izu Oshima, Tokyo, is wrapped in dough, baked into a cylindrical shape, and filled with whipped cream. The price is 160 yen. Not available at Lawson stores in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture.