Sweets Pearl Lady "Mint Chocolat ole"
The chocolate mint season isn't over yet (it won't end)

The limited-time tapioca drink "Mint Chocolat ole" is on sale from September 4th to October 9th at each of the sweets tapioca specialty stores "Sweets Pearl Lady". The price is 420 yen (tax included).

This is a tapioca drink that adds a refreshing mint cream and bitter chocolate accents to the deep flavor of milk. The chewy tapioca is combined with milk-based chocolate ole and mint cream, and topped with flake chocolate. A dish that you can enjoy the taste of "chocolate mint" when mixed and drunk.

In addition, "W Mint au lait" (420 yen including tax) is also on sale. Mintha cream with tapioca layered with mint cream and topped with chocolate flakes. Recommended for those who want to feel more mint.