Cafe de Clie "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate"

From Cafe de Clie and Cafe de Clie Plus, the drink menu "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate" and "Sol Beige Extra Mint Chocolate" and the dessert menu "Homemade Coffee Jelly Parfait ~ Chocolate Banana ~" will be released on June 16th. I will.

Sol beige mint chocolate
Mintha chocolate, which is a hot topic on SNS every year, has a new look this year as well. This year's feature is the original mint milk ice cream, which took two years to develop, such as the taste of mint and the reproduction of bright mint blue, and the chocolate sauce that becomes crisp over time.

Cafe de Clie "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate"

The lineup includes "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate", which has just the right ratio of mint and chocolate mellowness, and "Sol Beige Extra Mint Chocolate", which has three times the base refreshing feeling recommended for those who want more mint. 2 types. Prices start at 520 yen for "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate" and 550 yen for "Sol Beige Extra Mint Chocolate". Offer in takeaway cup.

Homemade coffee jelly parfait ~ chocolate banana ~
The new dessert menu "Homemade Coffee Jelly Parfait ~ Chocolate Banana ~" is made by layering vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and fresh bananas on homemade coffee jelly, and combining crisp chocolate sauce and shortbread with a pleasant crispy texture. thing.

Cafe de Clie "Homemade Coffee Jelly Parfait ~ Chocolate Banana ~"

For +30 yen, you can change the vanilla ice cream to the mint milk ice cream that is also used in "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate". The combination of bittersweet coffee jelly and refreshing mint milk ice cream is a new taste. The price is 470 yen. Drink set menu discount-30 yen.