"Apple bag" is an original design bag with cider, cider cup and apple pie.
A little extravagant on weekends

Originally designed "apple bags" are on sale from today (September 1st) at each KALDI Coffee Farm store (excluding some stores). The price is 1,800 yen (tax included).

A special set containing an original design bag, Val de Lance Cider Artisan Doo (sweet), an original cider cup, and an original apple pie ♪ I actually bought it.

"Apple bag" is an original design bag with cider, cider cup and apple pie.
The design of the bag is also cute

First of all, from the original cider cup. In Brittany, France, the home of cider, it is a tradition to pour cider into a pottery cup and drink it. A simple and easy-to-use cup with red and blue lines shining on a white background.

Originally designed cider cup in the KALDI "apple bag"
Cute ~!

Originally designed cider cup in the KALDI "apple bag"

Next is cider. The label has an illustration of the original cider cup! Please note that the cork pops out quite vigorously when opening.

Cider in a KALDI "apple bag"
I wanted to drink ~ ♪

The fresh scent of apples that spreads softly as soon as you pour it. The sweetness that pops as if it bites a freshly picked fruit. The carbonic acid is not too strong, and the overall impression is that it is easy to drink. Since the alcohol content is low at 2 degrees, people who are weak in alcohol can enjoy it ♪

Try drinking cider in a KALDI "apple bag"
Pour into the original cup

Cider in a KALDI "apple bag"
Refreshing and refreshing!

The liquor knob is an original apple pie. The flesh of the jam inside is juicy, and the texture of the crispy apples is a nice accent. It goes great with moist pies! The pie was so delicious that I felt sorry for the limited edition apple bag.

Original apple pie in KALDI "apple bag"
Cider companion

KALDI "Apple Bag" Apple Pie

A KALDI "apple bag" that is packed with the charm of apples. You can enjoy this much and 1,800 yen is a high cost spa ♪ Why don't you spend a little more luxurious time on weekends? As the quantity is limited, if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!