Ministop "Butter Chicken Curry Man"
Ministop's new Chinese steamed bun is "Nan & Curry"!

At each Ministop store, a new Chinese bun "Butter Chicken Curry Man" with the image of "Nan & Curry" has appeared. It will be released sequentially from September 1st. The price is 118 yen (tax included).

A new product that was born from the customer's voice, "I want to eat curry manga!" The butter chicken curry bun that will be released this time was developed because it is boring with just curry.

● The image of the fabric is "nan"

The yellowish dough has the image of curry's companion "nan". By adding the fermented yogurt liquid, the dough has a fluffy mouthfeel, a moist texture, and a slightly sour taste.

Furthermore, the top surface is branded to reproduce the charred naan.

Ministop "Butter Chicken Curry Man"
The branding iron is an image of the charred naan

● Butter x spices are authentic!

Wrapped in this dough is a rich curry filling with butter added to a refreshing sour tomato base. Authentic spices like a curry specialty store. Plenty of chicken in the ingredients.

Ministop "Butter Chicken Curry Man"
Can you convey the feeling of chicken?

I also tried it, but I was even impressed by the merciless spice. After you finish eating, it's so spicy that you can take a breather! The rich taste of chicken and butter is perfect for eating. Recommended for Indian curry fans and those who like spicy foods!

Ministop "Butter Chicken Curry Man"
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