Ministop "Butter Chicken Curry Man"

The popular "Butter Chicken Curry Manga" will be on sale at each Ministop store this year as well. It will be available at stores nationwide from December 25th. This year it has been renewed and the amount of chicken has been increased since last year.

Butter chicken curry bun

Ministop's "Butter Chicken Curry Man" is a popular Chinese steamed bun every year. Butter chicken curry is wrapped in a plump and chewy dough with the image of "nan". Butter chicken curry uses 16 kinds of spices. Furthermore, the sweetness and richness of tomato paste, butter, and stir-fried onions make it mildly spicy. Fresh cream and butter are made in Hokkaido.

Ministop "Butter Chicken Curry Man"

Also, the amount of chicken has been increased from last year. It has been renewed to have a chewy texture. A well-balanced finish with freshly baked "nan" -like dough. The calorie per piece is 207 kcal.

The price is 120 yen excluding tax and 129 yen including tax. The tax rate is the reduced tax rate of 8%, which is applied at the time of take-out. If you eat and drink in the eat-in space, it will be 10% and the price will be different.