The event "Osaka Gourmet Summit 2014 Winter" x "Osaka Great Santa Run 2014" will be held on November 30th at Osaka Castle Park Taiyo no Hiroba, where you can participate in charity while enjoying "local gourmet" nationwide. It will be held in (Chuo-ku, Osaka).

Fried chicken from Higo Marunoya salt
Fried chicken from Higo Marunoya salt

"Osaka Gourmet Summit 2014 Winter" is a food event that brings together 20 stores selling popular local gourmet foods from all over the country, from "Sendai Gyutan" in the north to "Honke Miyazaki Meat Rolled Onigiri" in the south. "Higo Marunoya no Shio Karaage", which won the Grand Prix at the "2014 Kumamoto Karaage Championship", will also be on sale.

The local gourmet (example) to be sold is as follows.

Fujinomiya Yakisoba (Shizuoka)
Akashiyaki (Hyogo)
Honke Meat Rolled Onigiri (Miyazaki)
Higo Marunoya salt fried chicken (Kumamoto)
Karaage from Oita Nakatsu (Oita)
Thick sliced beef tongue grilled (Sendai)
Hiroshima-yaki (Hiroshima)
Sobameshi (Hyogo)
Fluffy Takoyaki (Hyogo)
Matsuzaka beef streak curry rice (Mie)
Suzuka Sakura Pork Curry Udon (Mie)
Takoyaki of Takonosuke (Osaka)

Honke meat-wrapped rice balls (left) and Akashiyaki
Honke meat-wrapped rice balls (left) and Akashiyaki

On the other hand, "Osaka Great Santa Run 2014" is a charity event where you can enjoy running in Santa Claus costumes. Part of the participation fee will be donated as a "Christmas gift" to children fighting illness. It has been held since 2009, and this year we are recruiting 10,000 participants, which is the largest ever.

Become Santa Claus and run happily!
Become Santa Claus and run happily!

In addition, a part of the proceeds from the "Osaka Gourmet Summit 2014 Winter" will also be donated.

The venue is located at Taiyo no Hiroba, Osaka Castle Park, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. The event is held from 10:00 to 16:00. Tickets must be purchased to participate in Santa Run. Participation fee is 3,000 yen for adults, 2,000 yen for students, 1,000 yen for juniors (junior high school students and younger) (all including tax and Santa costume). Tickets are on sale at Lawson Tickets.