Godiva Chocolatier White Chocolate Banana
Collaboration with Rika!

"Chocolate White Chocolate Banana" modeled by Licca-chan is now available at Godiva's limited store. It is on sale for a limited time from July 12th to September 30th. The price is 600 yen (tax included).

This is a chocolate kisser with the image of a tropical resort. White chocolate is combined with the sauce using banana puree. Also topped with whipped cream and banana sauce.

Godiva Chocolatier White Chocolate Banana
The inside of the cup is decorated with chocolate sauce

The yellow banana is a summer-like visual. Licca-chan is designed on the sleeve (Licca-chan sleeve will be distributed mainly on weekends and holidays). Cuteness that you want to leave in the photo!

Banana is the leading role in the taste. It is fruity like a ripe banana, and you can feel a slight acidity in the sweetness. Melting white chocolate adds richness. Every time I eat it, the creamy sweetness spreads softly and I am happy.

Godiva Chocolatier White Chocolate Banana
Is this a tropical country ...?

A whipped cream that melts in your mouth for a luxurious feel. Over time, the cream and drink will mix, giving it a richer, more mellow taste. The banana sauce is on top of the cream, so it's a good impression that the banana flavor isn't light.

Godiva Chocolatier White Chocolate Banana
Enjoy the change in taste!

The drink contains small crushed white chocolate. Occasionally a crunchy texture is mixed in with a smooth mouthfeel. It is luxurious with plenty of it.

"Chocolate White Chocolate Banana" is a cool and refreshing way to enjoy chocolate that you tend to avoid in the hot season. Why don't you feel like a tropical resort with Rika?