Blue seal ice
Okinawa Fair at 7-ELEVEN!

At each 7-ELEVEN store (excluding some stores), the "Hisai! Okinawa Fair", which sells Okinawa menus, will be held from July 18th. Limited to 2 weeks.

During the period, a total of 17 products will be lined up, including popular Okinawan dishes "taco rice" and "goya champuru", as well as products using ingredients from Okinawa prefecture. Here are some of them.

High Sai! Products subject to the Okinawa Fair

・ Taco rice 500 yen Topped with taco meat sauce and raw vegetables (lettuce, tomato) that you can feel the taste of meat. You can adjust the spiciness with the attached "HOT" sauce.

7-ELEVEN taco rice
Okinawan classic taco rice

・ Okinawa Prefecture red potato raw sweet potato 198 yen Uses "Chura Koiimo" from Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture. "Sweet potatoes that do not bake" that you can enjoy a smooth and soft texture.

7-ELEVEN Okinawa Fair
Sweets using red potatoes from Okinawa

・ 7-ELEVEN Premium Ice bar with a texture that feels like frozen pineapple 150 yen An ice bar that uses pineapple juice from Okinawa Prefecture. The texture like pineapple pulp is reproduced.

7-ELEVEN Okinawa Fair
Ice bar using pineapple juice from Okinawa

・ Blue Seal Shiochinsuko / Beniimo 270 yen each An ice brand from Okinawa will appear in 7-ELEVEN for a limited time. There are two types, "Shiochinsuko", which is the image of a famous confectionery, and "Red potato", which uses red potatoes from Okinawa prefecture. Limited quantity.

・ Pork egg rice ball 198 yen ・ Pork egg tuna mayonnaise rice ball 220 yen ・ Goya champuru bowl (using Okinawa prefecture bitter gourd) 430 yen ・ Okinawa prefecture shikuwasa rare cheese 198 yen etc.

7-ELEVEN Okinawa Fair

Speaking of summer, the Okinawan menu is lined up. If you have a lot of time to go on a trip, why don't you go to 7-ELEVEN with the feeling of a petite trip?