Lotteria "Mega Sheng Soft Yakiniku Burger"
There are also 7 patties "Mega Sheng"!

At each Lotteria store, a new menu "Soft Yakiniku Burger" with a choice of volume and sauce will be on sale from July 20th to the end of August (excluding some stores).

A patty made from Australian beef, sliced onion and lettuce layered and sandwiched between buns. You can choose from two types of sauce, which is the decisive factor for the taste, "Yakiniku sauce" or "Green onion salt sauce".

Yakiniku sauce is a rich sauce made by adding gochujang, chili pepper, sesame oil, etc. to a miso base. Onion salt sauce, on the other hand, is a refreshing spicy sauce made by combining white onion and onion with sesame oil and black onion flavored salt sauce, and adding lemon and yuzu pepper as a secret ingredient.

Lotteria "Soft Yakiniku Burger"
Yakiniku who

Lotteria "Soft Yakiniku Burger"
Green onion salt

The volumes are "Soft Yakiniku Burger" (330 yen including tax) using 3 patties, "Large Soft Yakiniku Burger" (430 yen including tax) using 5 pieces, and "Mega Sheng Soft Yakiniku Burger" using 7 pieces. Three types (630 yen) will be prepared.

Lotteria "Soft Yakiniku Burger"
Omori Yakiniku Who

Lotteria "Soft Yakiniku Burger"
Large green onion salt sauce

Lotteria "Soft Yakiniku Burger"
Mega Sheng Yakiniku Who

Lotteria "Soft Yakiniku Burger"
Mega Sheng green onion salt sauce

In addition, from the "palm-sized" hamburger "Lotteria Slider" with a diameter of about 6 cm, "Petit Soft Yakiniku Burger (Yakiniku Dare)" and "Same (Leek Salt Dare)" will also appear as a limited-time menu.

Lotteria "Petit Soft Yakiniku Burger"
Also a palm-sized "Yakiniku burger"