My Bakery & Cafe "Thick Grilled Egg Sandwich"
Use the special bread!

"My Bakery & Cafe" is a bread specialty store in Ebisu, Tokyo. "My French" and "My Italian" are popular "my" affiliated shops.

My Bakery & Cafe
I went on a pouring day so I could enter the store without lining up too much

The signboard menu is "My raw bread". It seems that carefully selected ingredients such as domestic wheat are used. The price is 1,000 yen.

This time, I would like to introduce "Thick roasted egg sandwich" using my raw bread. As the name suggests, specially made thick roasted eggs are sandwiched with special bread. The price is 680 yen.

When you open the bright yellow container, you can see only the bread, not the sandwich. Mimi, which tends to be dry, is also moist, raising expectations for the favorite egg sandwich.

My Bakery & Cafe "Thick Grilled Egg Sandwich"
When opened

My Bakery & Cafe "Thick Grilled Egg Sandwich"

My raw bread is so soft that it leaves a mark on my fingers. It has a delicate and fluffy mouthfeel. In addition, it has a firm elasticity and a "fluffy and moist" texture!

My Bakery & Cafe "Thick Grilled Egg Sandwich"
I want to be buried in this bread

Thick roasted eggs have a firm Japanese taste. The milky sweet bread gently catches the umami that overflows as you chew. A nice accent with a spicy mustard. The taste of Japanese and Western style fills your mouth.

My Bakery & Cafe "Thick Grilled Egg Sandwich"
Eggs are purunpurun

An exquisite balance that complements each other while both bread and eggs play a leading role. Because it is simple, you can feel the goodness of the material. In addition to the deliciousness, the piece is thick, so it is quite satisfying.

With my Bakery & Cafe "Thick roasted egg sandwich"
It's about the same thickness as the width of the iPhone 7.

At my Bakery & Cafe, you can enjoy a variety of menus using thick-baked egg sandwiches and special bread. We have everything from meals to desserts, so you can use it in a variety of situations. Be sure to check it out when you visit Ebisu.