Lotte Ice Cream "Gorgeously Fragrant Black Tea Cake Fluffy Ice Cream Sandwich
Fluffy Cake & Milk Ice Cream

From the "SWEETS SQUARE" series, a cross between Lotte Ice Cream's sweets and ice cream, "Fluffy Ice Cream Sandwich of Tea Cake with a Gorgeous Fragrance" and "Custard Melting Melon Caramel Pudding Ice Cream Bar" will be released on March 13. The estimated price is 160 yen each (tax not included).

Soft ice cream sandwiches with brightly fragrant black tea cake

The "Tea Cake with Fluffy Ice Cream Sandwich" is a "hybrid sweet" that combines black tea cake and milk ice cream. The black tea cake contains black tea extract from Sri Lankan Uva tea, giving it a robust flavor. The Earl Grey tea leaves, which have a gorgeous aroma of bergamot, accentuate the flavor.

Pudding ice cream bar with custard and melted caramel

The "Custard Melting Melting Melting Caramel Pudding Ice Cream Bar" is a "hybrid sweet" that is a cross between custard pudding and ice cream. Custard ice cream made with egg yolks from "Eglo Royale," which is characterized by its egg sweetness and refreshing aftertaste, is wrapped in milk coated ice cream. The ice cream is filled with a bitter caramel sauce, which is thick even under refrigeration, and the combination of ice cream and caramel sauce can be enjoyed no matter which part of the ice cream is eaten.

LOTTE ICE CREAM "Custard Melting Melon Caramel Pudding Ice Cream Bar"
With bitter caramel sauce