Kirin Beer "Kirin Skin Feeling"
Two types of apples and lemons!

Kirin Beer will release "Kirin Skin Gokochi," a sake that allows you to enjoy the "taste of fruits squeezed together with the skin." The flavors are "apple" and "lemon". Both come in 700ml (23.67us fl oz) bottles and the price is open.

This is a liqueur made by squeezing carefully selected fruits together with the skin and extracting the original taste of the ingredients. "Apples" made from domestic apples are said to have a gorgeous scent, acidity, and gentle sweetness that make you feel like you've bitten a whole fruit. On the other hand, "lemon" made from Sicilian lemons has a refreshing scent, a refreshing sweetness, and a slight bitterness.

The alcohol content is 12% for apples and 14% for lemons.