Although pets are a life partner, they also need a therapeutic diet from time to time to maintain their health. However, it is troublesome to go to a veterinary clinic every time to purchase therapeutic food.

In response to such concerns, Promicross, which develops mail-order services for veterinary hospitals, has started offering Japan's first mail-order service "Promicross Care" in collaboration with the prescription of therapeutic foods performed by veterinary hospitals.

Flow of using promix care
Flow of using promix care

This service allows owners to order and purchase therapeutic foods prescribed at a veterinary clinic directly from home at any time. Promicros works with veterinary clinics to accept orders from owners based on prescriptions, so you can use it with confidence.

For the animal hospital side, inventory management and delivery operations are performed by PromiCross, so if PromiCross Care is introduced, it will not be necessary to have inventory of therapeutic foods in the hospital. There is no risk.

Why don't you try this service once, which is beneficial to both the owner and the veterinary clinic.