Bacon is one of Americans' favorite foods. So far, we have introduced bacon goods with all kinds of elaborate tastes even when eating.

However, in fact, pizza is not defeated either . In the United States , fancy pizza items such as pizza-scented fragrances and pizza-patterned trainers are making their debut one after another. Today, I would like to introduce a new work born from such American love for pizza.

What kind of dream do you have
What kind of dream do you have

Claire Manganiello, an artist from New York, USA, created the "Pizza Bed" bed with the concept of "pizza". Reported by the US media That's Nerdalicious.

Glittering pepperoni, browned (colored) pizza, bright red tomato sauce ... the more you look at it, the more realistic sizzle it feels. Sleeping in this must be a "dream" for those who love pizza. On weekends, watching a DVD while eating a pizza delivery service while staying in the pizza bed is the ultimate happiness.

Apparently, the pizza bed will be on sale soon, so if you want to order it, please contact Claire directly from the official website.