As a Coca-Cola summer 2014 campaign, a point campaign to win "ice bottles" etc. started on July 7.

I want to hit the "ice bottle" ...!
I want to hit the "ice bottle" ...!

Ice bottle, last summer, also appeared in Colombia of beach was popular . After drinking Coca-Cola, he enjoyed biting, licking, and putting in another drink.

In addition to this ice bottle, a "summer party set" that includes a kit for making a large ice tumbler and a cooler box with the familiar logo is also available as a prize.

Coca-Cola, which you drink in an ice bottle, seems to be hard to drink, but I would like to try it once.

To apply for the campaign, enter the number printed on the sticker attached to the target product such as Coca-Cola on the campaign site and accumulate points. You can apply for "Ice Long Tumbler Kit" with 1 point, "Ice Contour Bottle (2 bottles set)" with 3 points, and "Coca-Cola Summer Party Set" with 10 points. Applications are open until August 31st.