Haagen-Dazs will release three renewed "Crispy Sandwiches" on June 9th. The price is 284 yen each (tax included).

More and more delicious renewal! Haagen-Dazs "Crispy Sandwich"
More and more delicious renewal! Haagen-Dazs "Crispy Sandwich"

There are three types to be released this time: "Caramel Classic", "Matcha Chocolat" and "Mango". At the time of the renewal, the amount of ice cream was increased, and the “crispy feeling” of the wafer and the “crispy feeling” of the coating were strengthened.

"Caramel Classic" is an ice cream sandwiched with wafers with caramel coating combined with caramel ice cream. With just the right amount of bitterness, you can enjoy the savory rich caramel taste to the end.

"Matcha chocolate" is an ice cream that is sandwiched with cocoa wafers by combining matcha ice cream with a bittersweet chocolate sauce and matcha coating. It is said that it is finished in an exquisite taste that weaves fragrant matcha and rich chocolate.

"Mango" is a dish of "Mango Tsukushi" sandwiched with mango-flavored wafers by combining mango coating with ice cream mixed with mango puree and pulp. It is said that the rich taste and gorgeous scent of mango spreads with each bite.