"Sicilian Wind" Lemon Pancake / Honey with Lemon "and" Cherry and Black Cherry with Pampel du Yogurt Ice and Cream Cheese "will be on sale for a limited time from May 1st to June 30th at Cafe Aquille. Will be done.

Lemon pancake (left) and new Pamperdu
Lemon pancake (left) and new Pamperdu

The shop is a cafe where Yuki Matsushita, who has experience in pastry chef Takagi, serves as a chef pastry chef. In addition to the Ebisu main store, it also has a store in Marui City Yokohama.

The "Sicilian-style" lemon pancake / with honey lemon to be released this time is a pancake made by kneading Sicilian and domestic lemon juice and peel into the dough. You can enjoy the crispy texture on the surface and the fluffy texture when chewed. Prices start from 1,000 yen for half size.

On the other hand, "Cherry and Black Cherry Bread Perdu with Yogurt Ice and Cream Cheese" is a combination of French toast "Pamperdu" using French bread, cherries, black cherries, and griot cherries, and you can enjoy the moderate acidity. The price is 950 yen.

* All listed prices do not include tax