The new soft serve ice cream menus "Godiva Soft Cream White Chocolate Vanilla" and "Mixed Chocolate" were released on April 16th at Godiva limited stores. The price is 475 yen each (tax included).

Creamy and rich taste
Creamy and rich taste

"Godiva Soft Cream White Chocolate Vanilla" is a new flavor that blends the scent of vanilla and white chocolate with milk. It is topped with chocolate crunch cookies with a crispy texture, chocolate sauce, and chocolate with the "GODIVA" logo.

On the other hand, "Same mixed chocolate" is a mixture of the standard flavor "Double chocolate" and "White chocolate vanilla" to be released this time.

The stores selling the new flavors are as follows.

Nippon Life Sapporo Building Aeon Lake Town LaLaport TOKYO-BAY
Tobu Kashiwa Station Shinmaru Building Sunshine City Alpa Diversity Tokyo Plaza LaLaport Yokohama Mina Kyoto Kobe Sannomiya Sanchika Kobe Harborland umie
Tenjin Underground City