Isn't it quite difficult to use up bottles and tubes of ketchup to the end? It sticks to the bottom and sides of the container and cannot be taken out without cutting it open. However, it is troublesome to open it up, so I just throw it away. This is quite a waste.

Somehow if dust is piled up
Somehow if dust is piled up

However, I thought that it would be a dream to use up to the last drop, but the material "LiquiGlide" that solves such a problem was developed by LiquiGlide Inc of the United States! The US media Foodbeast reports.

According to the media, "Liqui Glide" is a material that keeps it smooth and smooth permanently. With a ketchup bottle coated with the same material, you can use up to the last drop of ketchup!

This makes it easy to take out the trash! (Source: LiquiGlide Inc)
This makes it easy to take out the trash! (Source: LiquiGlide Inc)

This special material is tasteless and odorless , and has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). It can handle almost anything from sticky syrup to seasonings such as mustard.

The company's website also contains a video of the application of containers made of this material. It feels good just to see the mayonnaise sliding in the bottle like dancing and the bubbles of beer poured into the glass cool down immediately, so I will introduce some of them in this article as well. Please.

If you feel stressed or frustrated, please watch this video to calm yourself down.